Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Composer 

21-28 November, 2021



RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport  

Yerevan Arno Babajanyan State Musical-Pedagogical College

“Kamerton” Cultural NGO



Arno Babajanyan International Memorial Foundation

House-Museum of Aram Khachaturian  

Foundation for Cultural Education Support

Yerevan Jewellery Plant-1 “Gnomon"




1. Application is filled out on no later than 7 November, 2021.

2. The competition-festival will be of two formats: internal and online.

3. Junior and young pianists, born after 14 October 2001 from different countries can become participants of 

the competition-festival.

4. Auditions of online format participants are held by videos.

5. Online format participants should provide YouTube link of their videos.

6. In case of imposing restrictive measures because of coronavirus pandemic, the competition-festival will be 

held only in online format.

7. The competition-festival will be of 3 age groups:

·   Junior “A” group includes participants up to 11 years of age

·   Junior “B” group  includes participants 12-15 years of age

·   Young group        includes participants 16-19 years of age

8. In Junior “A” and “B” age groups the competition-festival will be held in one round.

9.Young group of competition-festival will be held in 2 rounds. All contestants should play two rounds 


10. The 1st degree laureates of previous competition-festival cannot become participants of the same age 


11. All compositions are to be played by memory /no sheet music/.

12. Money prizes are parted between participant and teacher.

13. Participants of all age groups will receive Certificates of Participation.

14. Playing order of internal format participants is to be determined by ballot. Auditions of  online format will be 

held according to the order of receipt of applications. In Young group the playing order of participants is 

unchangeable for two rounds.

15. The competition-festival will be held in the best concert halls of Yerevan. Auditions of both formats will be 

open to the public.

16. Young group participants are provided with one acoustical rehearsal in the concert hall and foreign 

participants are also provided with rehearsal rooms.

17. Participants pay for their accommodation and road expenses in case of possible arrival.

18. Audio and video recording rights reserves Organisation committee of competition-festival.

19. The participation fee is to be transferred to the following accounts of “ACBABANK” OJSC:

Correspondent bank: Commerzbank, AG

Address: 60261 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Beneficiary bank: “ACBABANK” OJSC


Correspondent account: 400888012200

Beneficiary account: AM220303350338002

Recipient: "Kamerton" Cultural NGO

Aim: “Piano Competition Babajanyan-100” (name, surname of the participant)


The participation fee for foreign participants:

Junior “A” group - 40 EUR

Junior “B” group -  50 EUR

Young group       -  70 EUR


When paying take into consideration bank commission.

The participation fee is not subjected to reimbursement.




·         Junior “A” group

1st award -  Laureate diploma and Gold Medal

2nd award - Laureate diploma

3rd award -  Laureate diploma

4rd  award -  Laureate diploma

5th   award -  Laureate diploma




Special prizes and presents from “Kamerton” Cultural NGO


·         Junior “B” group

      1st award -  400 EUR, Laureate diploma and Gold Medal  

      2nd award - 300 EUR and Laureate diploma

      3rd award -  200 EUR and Laureate diploma

      4rd  award - Laureate diploma

      5th  award - Laureate diploma



·         Young group

      1st award -  700 USD, Laureate diploma and Gold Medal  

      2nd award - 500 USD and Laureate diploma

      3rd award -  300 USD and Laureate diploma

      4rd award - Laureate diploma



Money prizes of internal format are to be paid in AMD.

Foreign participants of online format (on their choice) will receive money prizes in a convenient currency 

according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Armenia.


Special prizes and awards are also defined:


·    Arno Babajanyan college awards special prize, in every age group, for the best performance of Arno 

Babajanyan`s works

·   Special prize from “Kamerton” Cultural NGO


The jury has the right not to award or devide awards.

The jury has the right to stop the play if the participant exceeds the mentioned time.

The jury’s decision is final and is not subjected.




  • either birth certificate’s or passport’s copy
  • 1 color photo (9x12)


0014  Armenia, Yerevan

Azatutyan Avenue 18

Yerevan Arno Babajanyan state musical-pedagogical college 

Organisation committee of competition-festival

Tel: (0037410) 28 53 20

Web pages:,




  1. Participants of each age group must send one video of the entire required programme; participants of 

   Young group must send one video for each round. For maximal equal conditions for performances of both 

   internal and online formats, videos must be without stopping between separate works and without editing.

  2. Participant`s face and hands should be seen in the video

  3. Before performing participant, facing the camera, should announce his/her name, surname, age group, 

     concluding with the words “For Arno Babajanyan piano competition-festival”

  4. Videos that do not correspond to the above-mentioned rules are not accepted.