Young and junior pianists, born after 22 June 2000, from different countries can become participants of the competition-festival.

The competition-festival will be of 3 age groups:
  • JUNIOR “A” GROUP includes participants up to 11 years of age
  • JUNIOR “B” GROUP includes participants  12-15 years of age
  • YOUNG GROUP         includes participants  16-18 years of age
The Junior “A” and “B” age groups of competition-festival will be held in one round.

The Young group of competition-festival will be held in 2 rounds, and all contestants must play two rounds programs.

The playing order of contestants is to be determined by ballot and it is unchangeable during the rounds.

All the compositions are to be played by memory /no sheet music/.

The money prizes are parted between the participant and teacher.

Young group participants are provided with one acoustical rehearsal and foreign participants are also provided with rehearsal rooms.

Foreign participants have to get an entrance visa to Armenia, applying to the embassy of the Republic of Armenia in their country after receiving the invitation.

Participants must pay for their accommodation and road expenses.

The competition-festival will be held in Yerevan state musical-pedagogical college after Arno Babajanyan and Aram Khachaturian House-Museum.

Audio and video recording rights reserves organization committee of competition-festival.

The 1st degree laureates of previous competition-festival cannot become participants of the same age group.

The participation fee  
  • YOUNG GROUP -       60 EUR
Fee is to be paid on-spot on festival opening day (23 June 2019) in AMD and is not subjected to reimbursement.
     1st reward - Laureate diploma, Gold Medal
     2nd reward - Laureate diploma
     3rd reward - Laureate diploma
     4rd reward - Laureate diploma
     5th reward - Laureate diploma
Special awards
1st award - Laureate diploma and Gold Medal  
2nd award - Laureate diploma
3rd award - Laureate diploma
4rd reward - Laureate diploma
5th reward - Laureate diploma
Special awards
1st award - 500 USD and Laureate diploma
2nd award - 300 USD and Laureate diploma
3rd award - 200 USD and Laureate diploma
4rd reward - Laureate diploma
Special awards.
Financial prizes are to be paid in AMD.
The jury has the right not to award or divide awards.
The jury has the right to stop the play if the participant exceeds the mentioned time.
Jury’s decision is final and is not subjected.
The prize money and all organizational expenses are funded by the sponsor.

  • application form,
  • either the birth certificate’s or the passport’s copy,
  • 2 color photos (9x12 cm),
  • a letter of recommendation from the musical institution or given by a prominent musician.
Needed documents must be sent by May 20th 2019, to the following address:
0014, Yerevan, Azatutyan Avenue 18
Yerevan State Musical-Pedagogical College after Arno Babajanyan
Organization committee of competition-festival
Tel/Fax: (0037410) 28 29 79
Tel: (0037410) 28 53 20
Web page:

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